Final project

This is my final project University of Nova Gorica Slovenia MA Leadership in Open Education Final project Social networks as promoters of OER Course: Workshop for Open Education Practitioners 2LOE15…

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Dear diary, In light of recent events, I was considering giving up on my idea and trying something else. By seeing the presentations of my colleagues' projects, it seemed to…

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Dear diary, In the materials, there is a horror story, and I'm experiencing a horror story myself. I was just about to take a test for my project task when…

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Design thinking

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Both the Stanford model (Emphatize@IT, 2019) and the IDEO (2018)  model are popular approaches to design thinking, which…

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Dear Diary, The rainy May has arrived. Today was very inspiring at the lecture. I've always been curious about what Design Thinking is and what options it offers. I did…

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Dear diary, When we observe the educational system as a whole, we can come to one conclusion: nothing has changed in education since its beginnings. We can talk about the…

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Dear Diary, In the second week, I started exploring my ideas. It was a challenging task because I had to start somewhere, and I had no clue what to do.…

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Workshop Diary:

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Personal Impressions and Experiences from the Workshop Module for Open Education Practitioners Facilitated by Dr. Chrissi Nerantzi and Dr. Javiera Atenas April 24, 2023 Introduction Dear Diary, First week and…

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