Dear diary,

In the materials, there is a horror story, and I’m experiencing a horror story myself.

I was just about to take a test for my project task when I was overwhelmed by bad news. Something terrible happened: a school shooting in Serbia. Ten children were killed. The crime was committed by a 13-year-old boy. I was simply stunned.

However, I have to set aside my pain and emotions, even though it’s very difficult. We are in a state of emergency here. But this situation also affects my project in another way: it’s simply uncomfortable to talk about anything else other than the state of schools. That’s why I have to postpone the testing for a few weeks.

But I tried to make one post anyway.
I managed to attract 66 likes and 10 comments. Maybe that’s enough?

My horror story:

It’s rare for me to give up and not pursue my ideas. However, sometimes it’s necessary to accept it as a possible solution. It happened to me this winter when I applied for the OE4BW (2023) project at UNG. I had a great and very interesting idea, and I had an excellent plan on how to realize and achieve it. However, things sometimes go wrong. All the participants I was counting on, thinking they were firmly with me, somehow backed out. In other words, I didn’t have accurate information about certain interpersonal relationships that were permanently disrupted, thus posing significant obstacles to achieving my goals. I tried an alternative approach, excluding that institution and opting for a personal approach, trying to do everything on my own. However, many colleagues offered to help, but I realized it’s extremely difficult to rely on them because the materials they sent me were all without references, with watermarked visuals. In other words, unusable. If I were to work with them, I would have to revise other people’s work. But then the question arises: am I allowed to do that since intellectual work is protected?

Since I couldn’t create all the materials myself, I decided to give up. Surprisingly, my colleagues from the OE4BW (https://oe4bw.org/) project accepted my decision very well, without anger. They simply understood that sometimes certain projects are not meant to be pursued at a given time.

What was supposed to be a horror story didn’t turn out to be one. Failure is also a place of learning, so there’s no room for worrying. We can learn something at any moment, and we learn best from our mistakes.


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