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Dear Diary,

In the second week, I started exploring my ideas. It was a challenging task because I had to start somewhere, and I had no clue what to do. Our mentors provided us with a lot of materials to inspire us, but I have to admit that many things confused me. I didn’t know where to begin, what to research first, what to look for.

I had the impression that none of the examples were ones I could adapt and apply in my own environment. However, it seemed increasingly clear to me that I couldn’t do that either if my environment doesn’t know anything about the basics of OER. It doesn’t know what OER is, how it brings benefits to the world we live in, or how we can apply all its good aspects to create a better and more beautiful world.

Exploring all of this became tiresome. I decided to take a break and rest. Perhaps in moments of leisure, my brain will find the answer on its own. Will it?

To avoid wasting time, I started filling up my portfolio on WordPress. That was supposed to be easy. But then, I wanted to reorganize and tidy up my website! It’s like cleaning a house: you always think you shouldn’t throw something away because you might need it later. You’re never satisfied with what you have, and you want to fix everything: well, let’s start from scratch…

I lost a lot of time editing a new chapter on a website I’ve had for years: „Leadership in Open Education.“ It comforts me that I’ve done something at least.

I still haven’t received the idea for my project. However, the „closet“ is tidied up, and spring is approaching.

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